"While most of our clientele is under NDA restrictions, here are some testimonials we can proudly share."

Sonda Enus, CEO
LMS Healthcare

Khay and Medkeen Solutions provide tailored marketing and growth consulting services to medical practices. Our firm has partnered with Medkeen Solutions on multiple projects with different clients, and we have always had a great experience. Khalilah is a pleasure to work with, and truly wants to help independent physicians maintain their practices financially viable. I highly recommend her services to any medical practice looking to increase their revenue.

R. Yallapragada, COO
Maple Software Private ltd.   

Teaming with Medkeen has been the best decision our company has taken and we are very happy with how they operate. With the help of Medkeen team have been able to clinch business in RCM space in a very short time. With Medkeen we get Excellent support & feel that they have Good and sound knowledge of Marketing in healthcare domain specially RCM services and Practice management & creating financial efficiency. The team is dedicated and takes the task to the logical conclusion to their best possible ability in given circumstances and the results are fantastic. We feel Medkeen is well versed with technology thereby making outcomes result oriented for the end customer and partners. This helps in bringing in the required efficiency in sales, marketing & liaison. Has been a pleasure working with Medkeen.

HJMc, Office Manager  
Family Practice

I love Khay!! She helped us with the following services Practice Management, Marketing, Billing/ Revenue Cycle Management and Added Revenue Streams. Allergy testing added substantial revenues to our yours.

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