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"The “new normal” in healthcare is largely brought on by telehealth and digital technology." 

"Additionally, telehealth is a possible solution to the impending provider shortage—the US may see a shortage of 122,000 physicians by 2032 and 670,000 healthcare workers, including nurses, by 2025."

- Insider Intelligence: The Digital Health Ecosystem 2022: How COVID changed the US healthcare system



Benefits & Health Administration

 Implementing, managing, and updating an organization's employee benefits and retirement program to avoid excessive administrative costs while utilizing current and emerging technologies.

Concierge Medicine (click for more info)

We provide new physicians looking for a change with the guidance to open and manage a concierge medicine practice. 

The time to go digital is now! 

*For Select Clients 

Data Analytics & Insights 

Amid growing demand for price transparency; we work with payers and providers who need streamlined data (clinical/operational) to embrace value-based care models.

Emerging Techonologies

Healthcare organizations are quickly adjusting their models of care to deliver quality outcomes. We help providers adapt to and optimize emerging platforms; including regulations and billing/coding for accurate reimbursements.

Practice Management

Lean and agile management is the surest way to succeed in these economic times but how do you go about reducing costs, with needed labor and emerging technologies that require skill? Call us. 

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